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Popular coach on revelation service expert in Plymouth



Revelation - a 6 months' intensive coaching programme dedicated to transforming your life

Choose Revelation when are tired of navigating around the all-too-familiar “hole in the street”. Revelation Coaching is a personalised reprogramme, not a reboot. It is ideal when you are sick of recognising the same old patterns of negative thoughts and behaviours, bored with being you. Revelation coaching is perfect when you have tried everything and are now ready to commit to living your best life.

Revelation coaching stops mind chatter and silences your inner critic, giving you an abundance mindset and the habit of happiness. Transform your life by perfecting the present and healing the past.

Live with purpose, on purpose. Be fully present, with presence. Transform your life.

Coaching Revelation expert in uk Janey Howl


For six months you will:

  • work with clear intention – and attention

  • take action daily

  • become curious

  • experiment

  • discover new behaviours – one choice at a time

Along the way you will perfect the present and heal the past, turning any unresolved trauma of a victim story into a hero’s journey. You will find it easier to live with yourself and become easier to live with… end of. Self-medication in its various forms - overwork, alcohol, food, emotional drama, adrenaline - will become unnecessary. You will stop mind chatter, surrender fear, and forever silence your inner critic.


​Your future self is energised by:

  • passion and purpose

  • vitality


Your future self has mastery of:

  • virtuous cycles, not vicious circles

  • responding rather than reacting

  • experiencing the present moment

Your future self enjoys:

  • reserves of time, of money, of love

  • an abundance mindset

  • the habit of happiness

Janey has a remarkably varied tool box, is well read and researched and has vast experience from which she can draw. She is incredibly supportive when appropriate and is also very clear when behaviours, attitudes and aspirations need real challenge and focus.

J, CEO, NHS Trust

Transform your life. Walk a different street – together.


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