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Coaching Revolution in United Kingdom



Revolution – an individual coaching programme, 3 months in duration, dedicated to achieving a specific outcome.

Choose Revolution for navigating a life or career transition. Choose Revolution when you feel stuck and in need of a reboot. It is deal for those times in life when you cannot change your circumstances, only yourself. It is also perfect for when you are committed to kickstarting a new habit or to completing a stretch challenge.

Revolution coaching will give you clarity and consistency of thought and action, and the vitality to win each day, choice by choice.

Choose your habits. Reclaim your mojo. Change your life.

revolution service expert in Plymouth, UK


Are you feeling stuck?  Maybe you are struggling with long Covid or post lockdown blues?


experiencing general lethargy and asking yourself “what’s the point”?


Perhaps you feel like a victim of your own success? Maybe you are experiencing a creeping realisation that your achievements haven’t brought you happiness? A sense that success sucks?

Reclaim your mojo with Revolution Coaching


Life and career transitions come in many forms – promotion, redundancy, maternity leave, bereavement, moving home, change in health status, relationship breakdown, new job, new boss ……Some transitions are chosen, planned for and eagerly anticipated. Others are thrust upon us, unwanted and unforeseen. Whatever the origin, whether positive or negative, public or private, all transitions and rites of passage are challenging. They require resilience, reflection and renewed action.


Create your new normal with Revolution Coaching


Maybe you are committed to creating a new habit or launching a new venture? Perhaps this time you are going to lose, and not regain, weight? Or commit to an exercise routine that nourishes your body and soul? Or find the discipline to master a new skill? Perhaps you have committed to writing a book? To competing in a competition? Or are about to tour a new performance? Or launch a new business?


Start strongly, stay strong with Revolution Coaching


In only 90 days, you will: 

  • Nail your specified outcome

  • Reboot your vitality

  • Achieve clarity and consistency of thought and action 

  • Anchor helpful habits

  • Create a foundation that will empower and sustain you for years to come 

Win each day, choice by choice with Revolution Coaching.


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