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Janey is a truly inspirational coach.  Highly professional, she has an insight and understanding that challenges you to delve deep into your true potential. She gets straight to the heart of the matter and with unnerving precision will help you weed out unnecessary distractions and work with you to achieve your goals. Her experience and wisdom will challenge your assumptions and enable you to consider different perspectives.

Working with Janey has been transformational and has had a profound impact on my professional and personal development, enhanced my confidence and increased my professional perspective.

Marissa, Director - Public Sector


Dear Janey,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. The journey we have been on has been so nuanced and detailed and I feel like a stronger, more independent person. I am clear and certain of my direction of travel.

What you do is truly holistic. Thanks to your guidance my creative practice is more functional and productive, my relationships are stronger and more equal, and my life is more balanced in general.

A wise voice of support and listening ear on the end of the phone has proved to be everything I needed to quieten my inner critic, and be more creative. And what is more, I started a business too, with your support and advice. And typed the first draft of my novel. :-)


Thank you once again. You have helped me to realise what is important in my life, and the clarity and focus you have helped bring to everything has had a profound effect on me. You are magic!

Maeve, Improvisation Facilitator, Writer, Filmmaker, Actor


Dear Janey,

I am really grateful to you for your coaching. It has been quite a ground-breaking experience for me. I am discovering, step by step, a grounded and genuine sense of confidence and realism. I really like how you dive in deep and analyse problems, behaviour and opportunities. I'm glad I have a whole notebook of your insights and wisdom and guiding questions ……. I hope we will work together again in future.

Kate, Entrepreneur and Consultant


Janey is an exceptional individual. She is professional, reliable, engaging, but has a fantastic mind and is sharp. She challenges in a positive way, and gets you and the organisation working more effectively…Very skilled!........ She is a very experienced and skilled (business) psychologist with an infectious positivity and is always developing herself.

Nick, Clinician, Business Owner, Entrepreneur


"Janey is an outstanding individual and coach. She has the ability to help individuals realise their potential and improve their organisation’s performance by doing so. She has an extraordinary deftness in the way that she does this, which is critical when working at the very highest level – this combined with unbridled enthusiasm for people. She is universally admired and respected by all my executive team and board members. I have no hesitation in recommending Janey. She will do an outstanding job for you and your organisation."

Serial Entrepreneur – digital technology, financial services, e-commerce


"Janey is easy to get along with, very perceptive, wastes no time in getting to the heart of the matter and creates energy and enthusiasm. Her team coaching style is extremely professional and has a real bite.  Time is a very precious commodity so the sessions are well thought through and kept on track.  But as with her personal coaching she knows when an issue is important and needs more exploration – an uncanny knack of latching onto the key areas that would improve performance.  The whole team liked and appreciated the way the session was run and felt it had been extremely useful in progressing our organisation to the next level.  We look forward to working with her again soon."

Chief Officer, Clinical Commissioning Group


"I see Janey’s coaching as one of the most important inputs into my personal and professional development. Janey combines proven expertise and long experience with courage and sensitivity. She encourages and challenges and allows every aspect of one’s life into the discussion. I have no doubt that her input and support have helped me to achieve success in my career and a proper balance between work and family life. …the sessions that Janey ran with my executive team were highly positive and transforming, enabling safe exploration of some difficult issues. I can whole-heartedly recommend Janey as a personal and team coach."

Operations Director – Manufacturing


"I see Janey’s coaching as one of the most important inputs into my personal and professional development. Janey combines proven expertise and long experience with courage and sensitivity. She encourages and challenges and allows every aspect of one’s life into the discussion. I have no doubt that her input and support have helped me to achieve success in my career and a proper balance between work and family life. …the sessions that Janey ran with my executive team were highly positive and transforming, enabling safe exploration of some difficult issues. I can whole-heartedly recommend Janey as a personal and team coach."

Editor-in-Chief, Winner of Editor of the year


"Janey has a remarkably varied tool box, is well read and researched and has vast experience from which she can draw. She is incredibly supportive when appropriate and is also very clear when behaviours, attitudes and aspirations need real challenge and focus."

Chief Executive, NHS Trust


"Your coaching helped expand my self-awareness, management and confidence in the most positive way – epiphany is the only word that comes close to describing it. I believe that this is the essence of outstanding coaching."

Corporate Director – Financial Services


"Coaching changed my existing paradigms and broadened my outlook.  As a result I took the steps necessary to move from being a Finance Director to a Chief Executive. The coaching process was new to me when I met Janey.  Our one to one sessions were 2 hours each.  I planned a few things I wanted to cover before each meeting but Janey was able to cut to my ‘real’ issues very quickly. What followed were intense and challenging discussions which required some serious reflections afterwards.  Every session proved extremely helpful in making me to be more effective. On a personal level I am more relaxed and see situations more clearly."


"As well as a clear thinker and shrewd judge, you are a woman’s woman, Janey, and intuitively understand the potentials in, and pressures on, women today. You are like a personal Sheryl Sandberg, urging us to lean in! And you get results. Having you as a sounding-board has brought out a resilient confidence I didn’t know I had."

Harvard Fulbright Scholar


"I first worked with Janey as part of a team coaching engagement. When we first met Janey as a team, we could best be described as a dysfunctional family. After four team coaching sessions (each lasting two days), where we were subjected to brutally honest feedback, we had transformed into the high performing leadership team that we were paid to be."

IT Executive Team – global food corporation


"I also worked with Janey in a personal coaching engagement. I can truthfully say this was the most beneficial thing I have ever done both personally and professionally. As a direct result of the coaching, I have the best work / life balance that I have had in over 20 years and professionally even though I am busier than ever, I am performing at a much more effective level. I would say that I finally understand the difference between managing and leading."

Vice President – EMEA and Americas regions


"Janey has coached me through a very challenging period of great change personally and in my organisation. She has a remarkable ability to get me to ‘unlock’ my thoughts about situations and help me develop creative solutions. Without being in any way directional, she gently led me to much greater understanding of my management style, allowing me to modify my approach to key individuals, and focus on my core business values. I am not a naturally reflective person, however Janey has made me see the importance of thinking time and how this benefits others as well as myself. I had not appreciated what a difference a really good coach can make before working with Janey: she has taken me on a quite remarkable journey."

Medical Director and Deputy CEO


"I was an angry young man in a hurry, punishing himself because things weren’t going well. You’ve given me perspective, gravitas and maturity. People now know who I am, not what I do. I have better teams around me – our performance and rapport are streets ahead. I bring people with me now, and manage people, not projects. …I am more responsive, more objective and more balanced as a human being."

Marketing Director


"I’m always somewhat cynical when people write into magazines with gushy ‘your article changed my life’ letters, so this isn’t one of them! That said, the final section/column in your Developing Resilience feature struck such a chord with me that I now treat it as a sort of modern-day desiderata and read it every morning. Janey Howl’s advice to simply accept life’s challenges with common sense, courage, hope and a sense of perspective isn’t new, but was written with such grace and poignancy that it really made me stop in my tracks."

Self-employed and Financially Challenged Reader


"Thank you for a splendid article I read by you last night. It was about concentrating on your strengths rather than your weaknesses and left me feeling empowered and confident. It really was fantastic."

Grateful Reader


"Janey, I coached my UK HR Manager to “Meryl Streep it” this week during some high level meetings. She did it – I was so proud of her and she was proud of herself too. Your gift goes farther than just to your clients – you’re spreading a greater good that is so powerful- Thank YOU Janey!!!"

Global HR Director


"I have been lucky enough to work with Janey over the past 2 years, during this time she has enriched my vision and without getting too sentimental, my life. Janey has a talent for understanding the core of a person, what motivates them and what buttons to press, she did exactly that with me and through her coaching I have progressed not only professionally but also with a clearer and stronger attitude to guide me through my success. Janey offers to the point suggestions and can make a difficult and hazy situation clear, she guides you to take the right route for you and pushes you through the doors that you were perhaps nervous to open. Touching base with Janey on a regular basis is always a refreshing and motivating experience, for not only myself as MD but for also my senior managers who have also thrived under her guidance."

Karl, Managing Director


"I approached Janey Howl because the partnership organisation of which I am Director was facing closure and I was facing redundancy. I was extremely concerned that changes in my sector would make it difficult for me to find another position.

Janey had been recommended to me by a colleague who told me that the coaching he had received from her had completely changed his personal and professional outlook on life.

I had never worked with a coach before and had some reservations. I was staggered however at how quickly Janey  got to the root of my issues and the knowledge and support she was able to give to help me address these.

Janey helped me to understand the vast range of my skills, abilities and experience and that not only   was I eminently employable but also that I had been under-selling myself for years. She challenged me – in a very positive way –  and helped me uncover what I really wanted from my life and my career, building me understand my own worth and  re-establishing my belief in myself.

Rather than feeling that I would be lucky to find another job, I realised  that I had choices. I now feel that I am facing the future from a position of power and am looking forward to making some new things happen. I am much happier and would describe the whole experience of working with Janey as liberating.
I would thoroughly recommend her as a coach."

Partnership CEO


"Janey is my secret weapon! I first met Janey when she was my “train the trainer” coach for an internal corporate programme. I had already had a very positive experience with executive coaching but Janey took it all to another level. I reached out to Janey a second time to coach me through a rocky patch in my professional life. Janey came in like a super hero and found a deflated, confidence lacking professional, full of self-doubt and emotions. She picked me up, dusted me off, pumped me back up and put me straight back on that road to professional success that I enjoy so much.

Our coaching sessions are virtual, some could find this a challenge, yet Janey has a natural gift of making people feel not only at ease to talk and open up to her but also of infusing people with motivation, desire and confidence to take themselves to the next level personally or professionally, whether the session is face to face or not.

Her toolbox is beautifully stocked with tips, practices and exercises and she has the generosity to open it up and share her goodies with her clients to help them reach their goals and shine. and have become part of me.

Her business acumen, her wide experience and knowledge of the global corporate world make her an outstanding international executive business coach, I relish our calls."

Global HR Director


"The key benefits for me have been:

  • clarity on life vision and options

  • clarity on career goals

  • reaffirmation of personal values and integrity

  • defining success in personal terms


Through your enthusiastic and challenging mind, you prompted many questions in mine… I have found our interaction to be empathetic, inner-directed, thoughtful and challenging. Above all, coaching has provoked humour and enjoyment of the development process…"

Marketing Director, Consumer Brands


I ask a lot of my clients but never more than I have asked of myself. As a coachee myself, I appreciate vulnerability and the transformative power of master coaching.

"Janey, I thank you for honouring me with your trust, commitment and respect.  Your sheer grit and determination to surmount your challenges has been truly inspirational to witness. The more people who come into contact with you the better, Make sure that brilliant light is not hidden."

Janey’s Coach


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